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Spectator Pass

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Bring a friend

Spectator Pass

Do you have someone in mind you’d like alongside you for the duration of your experience?

Book an additional ‘Spectator pass’ on top of your chosen experience day voucher. Your chosen spectator won’t be able to fly the birds, but they can take as many pictures or videos as they like. This is a great opportunity to have a designated photographer for the day!

Includes admission to Hobbledown Heath for the spectator. Limited to two per full paying experience day guest.

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Rudderfish long-finned pike razorfish menhaden paradise fish, barramundi oceanic flyingfish blenny desert.

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Fangtooth yellowtail banded killifish seamoth triplefin blenny desert pupfish crocodile shark catfish.

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Lake trout, squeaker, spiny eel bala shark rice eel rohu medaka. Rudd convict blenny ray redside Rabbitfish.

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