The Freedom of Falconry – Book (Non Fiction)



The Freedom of Falconry is an accumulation of knowledge and experience shared by Sarah-Jane Manarin who is the owner of the award-winning Coda Falconry bird of prey centre in Essex.

Have you ever wondered why we train birds of prey? What our incentive is to taming these modern day dinosaurs? What the benefits are to captive raptors and humans by teaming up together and how these compare with their wild counterparts?

This book is about why, as falconers, we do what we do and what we hope to achieve from the methods of training we employ. It also seeks to answer the most common questions asked about the ancient sport of falconry.

Most importantly, this book does something that few falconry books do: explore the relationship between a person who keeps birds of prey and the raptor that one day they hope to call a friend.

As Sarah-Jane explains: “Yes the human trainer will teach the bird of prey a lot but in return, the bird of prey will teach the human more. We set each other free – different freedoms which we will explore within these pages but without a doubt, falconry is a sport that requires absolute trust between handler and bird and the total freedom to express our wilder instincts. Both the falconer and the bird of prey that they have lovingly trained to fly free become more at ease within their natural surroundings. This is really the first step in understanding the freedom of falconry.”


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