Bank Holiday Hedingham

Thousands of people flocked to our second home at Hedingham Castle over the August Bank Holiday weekend as part of their Jousting event and of course, your favourite falconers were on hand to deliver 2 flying demonstrations over the course of the day. Thank you so much to everyone who came to visit our stand and give lovely feedback about us and the birds – we really appreciate your kind words and interest in our sport. As that was the Hedingham Castle finale for 2017, we won’t be back until Spring 2018 but needless to say – we’re looking forward to it already.

New faces at Team Coda – Paul

Paul is our most recent addition to the Coda Falconry team – Paul has worked at a variety of different animal sanctuaries and therefore has good all round knowledge on animal welfare and husbandry. He has helped to rehabilitate a lit of rescue animals and has a real passion for raptors. This shows in his hard work to keep them in the best condition possible so we’re very pleased he has taken on the role of a falconer within Coda Falconry. Paul’s laid back, friendly personality and knowledge of reptiles / creepy crawlies makes him a fantastic addition to the team. We’re looking forward to blending these 2 passions into some fantastic new experience days very soon.

New faces at Team Coda – Luke

Luke came for one of our experience days a couple of years ago and pretty much… never left! Luke is now an extremely capable bird of prey trainer in his own right and has taken on the role of a falconer within Coda Falconry. Luke has a lot of knowledge regarding reptiles / creepy crawlies and we’re looking forward to blending these 2 passions into some fantastic new experience days very soon.

Education, education, education

Team Coda have been busy little bees during term time as we’ve been visiting a lot of educational establishments trying to spread the word of falconry and conservation to the human beings of the future. We are yet to ask the mighty question “So kids – what 5 things have you learnt today” without a barrage of facts coming towards us in reply so I think it’s safe to say….the information has been sticking!

Snap happy

We’ve been over the moon with how popular our Photography experience days have become. Customers of all abilities and from all across the UK have travelled to our humble centre in order to learn how to capture the true magic of raptors. Under the close supervision of our experienced photography tutors, our budding photographers are shown the best techniques to get that once in a lifetime shot of a bird in flight and how to use the natural environment to make a static picture really pop! The results have been fantastic and we’re really looking forward to running more of these throughout the summer.

Stop! Hover time….

Remember our tiny ball of fluff that arrived last year? Yep. That’s right – Bramble the kestrel is now a year old and is a firm favourite on our experience days. We’ve even taught him how to hover on command so he’s a bright little spark indeed.

Wedding Season 2017

We’ve been involved in some beautiful weddings this year – from the medieval backdrop of Hedingham Castle to stunning venues all across the country, Our beautiful ring bearing owl “Dizzy” has been wowing the crowds by delivering the precious rings as part of the ceremony. For your very own magical wedding experience, please contact us and we can put together a bespoke package to make your special day an unforgettable one.

Refurb time!

Our centre is going through lots of changes in the run up to opening – we’re having a new bank of aviaries built so our visitors can view more of our birds of prey up close and our barn is being converted into an indoor mews. We’ll update on our progress as we go along! All of us at Coda Falconry are really excited about the changes and we know that our 2017 customers are going to love the improvements. We hope to see many new faces at our award winning Falconry centre in Essex and Herts throughout the new season.

Welcome to Coda Falconry 2017!

We hope you enjoy our new, improved website – Our new range of experience days have a little something for everyone and we are undergoing some major refurbishments this winter so Coda HQ should be all shiny and new when we open our doors again on the 12th February 2017.

Our success and growth last year is only due to the wonderful customers and experience day guests that booked with us and interacted with our beautiful birds. They gave Coda Falconry outstanding reviews – not only has this feedback helped others to find us, it’s also been lovely for our close-knit team to know we’re doing something right!

If you would like to book your very own award winning falconry experience in Essex, please browse our many experience day packages or contact us if you would like any further information.

From all at Coda Falconry, we look forward to welcoming our 2017 customers soon!

– Team Coda

Meet Our Newest Member

Rico! He’s a male Harris hawk that we’ve been imprinting since the start of May. This is Poppy’s brother so we have high hopes in his abilities. So far he’s proved himself to be very nosey and hyperactive so we may have a few grey hairs when he does finally take to the skies!