Falconry Display at Hedingham Castle

The traditional English Bank Holiday weather (rain, rain and yet more rain!) didn’t manage to dampen the spirits at our Falconry open day which was held at Hedingham Castle last month. Sometimes falconry is all about being versatile and with that in mind, we did our two scheduled falconry displays….inside the castle keep! Thank you to everyone who braved the rain and cold to watch our demonstrations, we had an amazing time 🙂

Pest Control – hawk style!

So far this year, pest control is what we do best – the whole of Team Coda have been involved with the rather large task of clearing away huge numbers of pigeons and gulls from areas where they are a health and safety hazard around Essex, London and Hertfordshire. It’s only May and we’ve seen our new contracts in: snow, heat waves and now biblical storms…’s not easy being a working hawk in England!

A Shadow Above

If you love ravens then you’ll adore this new book that has just been published by Joe Shute….. A Shadow Above looks at the intricate social and practical lives of ravens and features our very own Loki as part of the “communication” chapter. It’s such a lovely read and a fascinating insight into the king of the corvids.

Royal Drawing School

If there’s one thing that Fortune the Red Tailed Buzzard excels at….it’s modelling! He is without a doubt, the most handsome bird of prey in our Coda Falconry flying team and BOY does he know it. So, he was the perfect subject for a new art project at the Royal Drawing School in Hackney last month. here he is looking all manly and pretty. Enjoy!

Loki in the Telegraph

For all you eagle eyed readers that spotted a Raven in the Telegraph newspaper last week and messaged us…you were right! It was our very own Loki.

We were involved in some research to do with corvid intelligence and communication that has been published in a fantastic book called “A Shadow Above” by the author Joe Shute. Please do purchase a copy, it really is a beautiful read on the fascinating subject of Ravens.

A new season begins!

Winter is finally over and that means many wonderful things – the days a longer, the sun appears a little more frequently in our skies and most importantly…Lee Valley Park farm opens to the public again tomorrow!

We will be doing our usual flying demonstrations at 11am and 3pm throughout the half term so we’re looking forward to seeing you all at Coda Falconry HQ very soon.

Merry Christmas from Team Coda

Thank you to all of our supporters, customers, suppliers, friends and family for a record breaking 2017! We have had a blast this year and hope that everyone who has come along to Coda Falconry and enjoyed our experiences or displays have a restful and enjoyable festive break. Here’s to 2018 and all of those new adventures!

Snowy Essex!

What did you do when the snows of 2017 came fluttering down? Well, for us, it was business as usual – we flew birds and even did a wedding 😀 Here’s an obligatory photo of our Snowy owl Freya in the snow…..

A year of weddings

2017 has been a record breaking year for weddings here at Team Coda – we have been a part of 15 weddings this year! Most of these have been at our beautiful second home, Hedingham Castle and we have enjoyed every single one. Even the snow didn’t stop us!

Thank you to all of the brides, grooms and venues that have chosen us to be their ring delivery experts throughout the year.

Stefflon Don music video….with spiders!

As it was his birthday, we thought we’d treat Paul to a nice, warm job in the studio last November as part of Stefflon Don’s new music video “Ding-A-Ling”.

Taking centre stage on the animal crew were in fact our newest additions…not birds of prey at all but a beautiful Tarantula called Itsy and some of our bearded dragons. I’m pleased to say they all behaved themselves and we can’t wait to see the finished video.

Check out the teaser here: