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All New Facilities

Coda is now partnered with the fantastic Hobbledown Heath.

Awesome Facilities

Coda is now partnered with the fantastic Hobbledown Heath.

Explore our three villages set in over 100 acres of woodland and pasture. Climb the towers, explore the tunnels or step inside one of the largest indoor play arenas in London. Or chill out with the goats, alpacas, meerkats, lemurs and many other exotic and traditional farm animals! 

The Indoor Playbarn

Indoor Adventure Awaits!

All-weather, all-age fun!
Exercise in disguise on the multi-storey themed play frame in our huge indoor activity centre.  With multiple play zones and dedicated toddler areas for under 3’s, this is going to be one of West London’s biggest indoor play centres.

Buckbridge Market

Welcome to Buckbridge Market

The main meeting place where all the hobblers of Hobbledown Heath gather together to buy, sell, and have a good chitchat.

Named for the ponies that wander over the courtyard’s bridges, Buckbridge Market has it all! Will you stop in on the farrier to help make shoes for the horses, or the baker, to help haul sacks of flour up into the air? Feed the courtyard alpacas, explore the crate maze, or splash about by the water tower? Or will you visit the town hall – the hobblers’ favourite place to meet and share the latest news of fairies, forest creatures and magical crystal?

Whatever you do, always keep an eye out for travelling merchant carts – you never know what kind of treasures they might be selling.

Cribble Creek


Hear the whistle of steam engines? You’re now entering Cribble Creek, home to Hobbledown Heath’s wackiest, wildest and most creative.

Only the busiest hobblers come to Cribble Creek – mechanics, explorers, and nutty inventors alike live in this twisty world of slides, chutes, wheels and levers. Can you find your way all the way up to the topmost air traffic control tower? If you do, keep an eye out below for Old Solomon, the (very) elderly blacksmith, as well as his granddaughter Stella Tinsmith, amateur inventor and well-known troublemaker. You’ll be able to spot her because of her crazy backpack!

Are you ready to explore, create and invent with the wacky hobblers of Cribble Creek?

The Mining Village


Watch out! Minecarts passing through.

See that glimmer in the sand? Join the hobblers of the Mining Village in their search for precious stones, buried deep beneath the heath. They need them to power their machines and inventions! Become part of the Mining Village team – pan for crystals in the river, climb the water tower and man the squirt guns, or take a spin on the mine trawler.

Sift, sort, tip and dig – if you can do it, you can be one of Hobbledown Heath’s mining crew too!

Wilderness Wood


Sssh! Wilderness Wood is home to the woodland hobblers, who like to tend their plants in peace and quiet.

But they’re no strangers to a bit of fun, too! Climb up into their living treehouses to explore a wild world of willows, creepers and vines. Hear that jingling and clanking coming through the trees? That means loopy old Wormwood the Wise is wandering around nearby. Or do you hear someone up above, chattering to the sparrows? That’ll be Robin Swift – the village’s clumsy birdkeeper, and friend to all birds.

If you’re lucky, you may even spot a few fairies flitting by from time to time,

The Net Park


Bounce, tumble and scramble in our huge treetop nets!

Prices from £8
(this includes one adult, free of charge when accompanying one or two children under 6). You can add choose to add the Net Park as an additional extra when booking your tickets



Our main restaurant is the Hobnosh bar, where we offer a range of wholesome, delicious and nutritious dishes from across the globe – our favourites include loaded jacket potatoes, pasta pots, salads and fresh pizzas! There’s plenty for the little ones, too – from kids’ meals to lunchboxes.

We also offer drinks and snacks to grab on the go, available from both the main Hobnosh bar and the Snack Shack.

Our menus include halal and vegetarian options.