Coda Falconry

Merlot, Red Kite

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Latin Name

Milvus milvus


4 – 26 years

Body size

0.8 1.3 kg.
60 – 70 cm.
1.7 – 1.8 m wingspan.

Native habitat

Europe, Asia, Africa


Carrion, small mammals, live birds and occasionally reptiles and amphibians.

See Him Soaring Effortlessly in the Sky.

Another youngster who joined the team in 2018 is our Red Kite, “Merlot” – The red kite is common throughout the UK and you can see them soaring effortlessly in the sky showing off their beautiful forked tails. Merlot is now flying free and is learning how to soar, we are excited at his progress and will be looking forward to using him in experience days and demonstrations throughout the new season.