Coda Falconry

Freya, Snowy Owl

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Latin Name

Bubo scandiacus


10 – 28 years

Body size

1.6 – 3 kg.
52 – 71 cm.
1.2 – 1.5 m wingspan.

Native habitat

North America, Europe, Asia.


Small mammals and birds, even other raptors, including other owl species.

A Rare and incredible bird.

Such a special young lady joined the Coda Falconry team in 2015 – Freya is a Snowy Owl who has excelled in her demonstration work and experience days since joining us as a young owlet. One of only a handful of Snowy Owls in the country who can fly to the gloved hand, Freya will be an integral part of our Owl Encounter experience days and demonstration work throughout the coming years. Snowy owls are stunning, powerful predators found in the Arctic Circle (Arctic regions in North America and Eurasia) and are one of the largest owl species in the world. Don’t miss out on seeing this rare and incredible bird at Lee Valley Park Farm.