Coda Falconry

Fortune, Red-Tailed Buzzard

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Latin Name

Buteo jamaicensis


12 – 28 years

Body size

1.15lb – 3.8lb
45 – 65 cm.
1 – 1.5 m wingspan

Native habitat

North America, Oceania, South America


Small mammals, birds, reptiles. Especially snakes, bats, frogs, toads, and insects.

The start of CODA!

Arguably the start of Coda Falconry, Fortune is a full-on hunting bird of prey. He was purchased from a phenomenal raptor breeder in Tiptree who has since become a very good friend of ours and there’s a very special place in our heart for Fortune as he was the first bird we purchased when we started Coda. Fortune is a machine, he loves catching rabbits and grey squirrels and during the autumn and winter months, he excels in what he does, soaring on thermals, diving out of the sky after his prey and sitting next to us on a picnic rug whilst we have a quick cup of tea! Fortune has now started to be more sociable and we are flying him to our guests as part of our experience days too.