Coda Falconry

Dizzy, Barn Owl

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Latin Name

Tyto alba


2 – 20 years

Body size

10oz – 1 lb.
32 – 40 cm.
85 cm wingspan.

Native habitat

North America, South America, Europe, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and Australia.


Mostly rodents, voles, various kinds of mice, small rats, shrews, young rabbits, other mammals. Birds, lizards, insects, and occasionally frogs or fish.

A Hard Worker and Absolutely Stunning.

The Coda team have raised Dizzy since she was 3 days old and there’s simply nothing that she won’t do to a high standard. Our leading ring bearer for weddings and a very popular face on our experience days and public demonstrations, Dizzy is a very hard worker and absolutely stunning to fly and photograph. Dizzy has appeared in many film, tv and magazine articles for huge names including Ted Baker and performances by Band of Skulls.