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Squeak, Burrowing Owl

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Latin Name

Athene cunicularia


2- 10 years

Body size

6 oz.
20 – 25 cm.
51 – 61 cm wingspan.

Native habitat

Forests in North and South America.


Large insects, scorpions, centipedes, and other arthropods. small mammals voles, mice, ground squirrels, and some small birds.

Nicknamed the "Howdy" Birds by Cowboys

Burrowing owls are so-called because they like to live underground and will either dig or steal burrows in order to do this. Burrowing owls are colony birds and prefer the comfort and security of having their own species around them. Burrowing owls are native to America and can be found in the grasslands and desert areas of North and South America. They were nicknamed the “howdy” birds by cowboys who settled in America due to their habit of ‘bobbing’ when you get too close to them – it appeared to the humans passing them that they were tipping their hats and saying hello!