Coda Falconry

Poppy, Harris Hawk

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Latin Name

Parabuteo unicinctus


14 – 25 years

Body size

0.5 – 1.6 kg.
46 – 59 cm.
1 – 1.2 m wingspan.

Native habitat

North America, South America


Small creatures including birds, lizards, mammals, and large insects

The Alpha Female Of Our Harris Hawk Cast.

Poppy is the “Alpha Female” of our Harris hawk cast – she tells all the males what to do and is very much the boss! As well as demonstration and experience day work, Poppy is used on pest control contracts and hunting experience days so she is an extremely versatile hawk. Poppy is an “imprint” Harris hawk which means she was hand reared by humans and despite the fact she brings down geese in the field behind us, she is very friendly towards people. You can see Poppy in various music videos and short films too as her calm nature makes her absolutely perfect for film/tv work.